Some tips that can help reduce the risk of mortality from this virus.
1-Maintain hygiene more than usual, wash your hands more frequently with soap or some product to clean your hand that contains alcohol.
2-In the way any possible, unless you really have to, avoid meetings or trips to places that are already known as infected.
3-In the case of having a family member with symptoms or you are feeling symptoms, instead of going to work drive directly to the hospital.
4-Keep calm and healthy, avoid the stress of thinking that you’ll get sick and stay away from external factors that can cause another types of disease, that is when this virus can really be fatal.
Steps that we have taken in our premises to minimize the risk of contagion are:
1-Automatic opening or fully open, entrance and exit doors of the Market.
2-Products to disinfect in each workstation.
3-Greetings without contacts, no hand greetings.
4-All employees must wear gloves.
5-Supply of enough disinfecting products.
6-Employees with symptoms or close relatives, should go to the doctor to get tested.